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Welcome to the Blurred Images Challenge

  • We invite Manitoba teachers and students to spend some time over the next few months to learn about media literacy, in particular, about the portrayal of gender in the media.
  • Teachers will find resources on the Learn page, including sample learning experiences.
  • We challenge students to TAKE ACTION after learning about the issue. Get involved in some way to make a difference.
  • We invite you to Share your learning and the creative ways you have TAKEN ACTION, with other Manitoba students and teachers, in the online Gallery.
  • In the spring Celebrate all of the learning that has taken place!

The Issue:
The media blurs "images" to create unattainable stereotypes of women and men and young men and young girls, our own sense of self about who we are and what we value, may also become "blurred" if we believe these stereotypes are the "ideal".
  • Learn to recognize the "blur" (the gender stereotypes that are created) that takes place in the media and the reasons behind it.
  • Learn to become strong enough to keep your sense of self-assurance and self-esteem intact and not to change or "blur" who you are in order to meet unattainable expectations created by the media.
  • Take action and get involved to make positive changes in how media portrays girls and boys and young men and young women.
  • Make a difference in other kids lives by sharing with them what you know about media literacy and how they can protect/help themselves.

The Blurred Images Challenge was created in partnership with the following groups in celebration of Media Literacy Week 2010:

Manitoba Education: Literacy with ICT Across the Curriculum Initiative -
The Manitoba Teacher's Society -
The Manitoba Association for Computing Educators -
Media Literacy Week - November 1-5, 2010
In collaboration with the Media Awareness Network -