Teacher Resources for Teaching about Gender and Media

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1. Sample Learning Experiences created by Manitoba Education

2. More Lesson Ideas

Find Sample Lessons - Lesson Library
Search for sample lesson plans by topic and grade at the Lesson Library found in the for Teachers section of the Media Awareness Network website. Browse under the topic: Gender Portrayal to find lessons for all grade levels.

Possible Discussion Starters - Public Service Announcement Videos
Check out these public service announcements created by the Concerned Children's Advertisers at their Long Live Kids website. Scroll down on this page to find topics. Click on the a topic of your choice and you will find applicable public service announcement videos. Find the latest PSA "Media Monkey" here: http://www.longlivekids.ca/hello.html

Teachable Moments and Classroom Activities about Beauty from Media Awareness Network

3. Websites for Kids...

Please preview these websites and set the context for students before letting them loose on the websites.

4. Other Resources

Have a Great Resource to Share?

If you have a favorite resource for learning about media literacy that you would like to share with others please send an email to us with a brief description and a link to the resource. Thank you for sharing!